Among the variety of interior styles loft is most popular for the decoration of the two-level apartment - studio. The very name of the style - «loft» - translated from English literally as "loft", and if not literally, the "apartment upstairs." The meaning of this style is mostly in a minimum amount of partitions and a maximum of fresh air. In such an interior happening combining the new with the old, that is, modern materials and technology can perfectly coexist next to, for example, brick walls, pipes, naked ventilation system, factory fittings and so on. To describe this interior in general terms, we get a simple and functional furniture, mostly cold or discreet color tones, large windows and a minimum of decoration. This looks ambitious, even a little extravagant, and a sufficient budget.

This apartment on the first floor housed a spacious living room, kitchen and toilet with bath. In the second study and a bedroom. The staircase to the second level is a light and airy interior element due to glass partitions and stairs of the same color with the wall. Thus, the transition from one level to the next is smooth.

planning maisonette

living environment is fully consistent throughout the loft style concept - the complete absence of barriers, which releases the maximum amount of space. As well as ease of furniture, a large window, restrained colors and light zoning.

restraint situation Ease and comfort

The kitchen flows smoothly from the living room and is separated only a bar. Cooking utensils, stove, sink and all other appliances for cooking food occupy the forefront.

Kitchen loft

And in the background is a mini dining room, where the reception, nothing prevents food. Making the kitchen and the dining area also expresses the simplicity and restraint - comfortable and nothing more.

Small room in a loft-style apartment Seating part in loft

Work cabinet, located on the second level has a copious contents of metal and wood. Edakii factory option - a desk and chair finished metal mesh, metal cabinet, and a metal bucket paper.

An office in the factory spirit


Simple bedroom without "problems", where there are practically no decor and all of the same metal elements. Neutral gray color makes the room quiet and balanced - only for sleep and nothing more.

Bedroom loft-style

If added some other more vibrant color, mostly from cold palette.

Cold shades in the bedroom

An important feature of this style is the maximum use of available space, and so that there is as much free space.

Useful space

Toilet and bath can contain more modern pieces, but to be "fitted" the spirit of style loft, namely: simplicity and functionality.

Bathroom in loft

So, two-level apartment - studio in the loft-style expresses brevity, functional comfort, simplicity and plenty of space. Here, old furniture can get a second chance, unfinished pipes and walls become fashionable and modern. And most importantly - all inexpensive.

Maisonette-style studio loft Studio apartment in the loft