Ceramic tiles - burned a mixture of clay, minerals and sand, covered with glaze, which makes it possible to obtain products of any color, texture, texture, with a variety of ornaments, paintings. Ceramic tile is the most common finishing material.

Ceramic tiles are divided into two types:

Types of ceramic tiles

  1. Unglazed tiles - almost uniform throughout the thickness and usually has no decorative drawings;
  2. Glazed Tile - has an upper, relatively thin layer of vitreous structures - surface differs from the base tile and provides a visual effect (glossiness, pattern, color). Also inherent mechanical surface properties, e.g., such as water resistance, hardness.

As a result of the use of various raw materials from different technological processes produce different kinds of ceramic tiles.

Commonly used types of ceramic tiles

  • metlahskoy

    Undergoes double firing and covered with icing. This tile looks great on walls of bathrooms and kitchens. Sufficiently strong, resistant to external influences

    Types of ceramic tiles

  • Majolica

    Traditionally used tiles double firing. It is used for lining the walls of toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and hallways

    majolica tiles

  • kottoforte

    Obtained based pastes (extrusion process). The double burnt at a low temperature, this tile has considerable strength and resistance to loads, so it often is used for floors

    kottoforte tiles

  • Cotto

    It characterized the porous structure. Typically, this tile is not covered by enamel. It has different shapes: rectangles, squares, diamonds, hexagons


  • Clinker

    Basically clinker types of ceramic tiles produced by extrusion, the resulting material becomes high strength and it becomes possible to obtain complex geometric shapes clinker. It is used for flooring, indoor and outdoor, plinths, finishing pools. Depending on the operating loads, increased use tile thickness. Due to the high indices of abrasion, weathering resistance and temperature extremes, some types of clinker used for facing terraces and entrances on the street

    clinker tiles

  • Porcelain tiles

    This tile resistant to frost, temperature and aggressive chemical environments. Widely used for interior walls in residential and industrial buildings, for cladding facades. It does not require special care. It has a wide range of colors, textures, sizes. This finishing material, due to its characteristics will last much longer than other types. This is one of the best ceramic tiles

    porcelain stoneware tiles


How to choose the best ceramic tiles

Tiles having low water permeability and non-slip surface, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles may not be the most expensive, but not necessarily quality. For example, for lining bath, standard water absorption rate should not exceed 7%, resistance to chemical agents - A AA. In examining tiles of bathroom should be noted that the wear resistance is not the main component, since the permeability and the flooring in the bath low load therefore abrasion for this tile can be the first or second class.

To the category of the best ceramic tiles, include such leading brands as "Jade-keamika", "Keramin", "Kerama Marazzi" - Belarus. "Falcon" - the Russian tile. For more details on how to select a tile here.