Keep writing tools on the desktop help to stand for them. Impression of discipline and efficiency of the owner of a workplace is created when a neatly arranged pens and pencils in a special organizer. However, for the creative minds usual standard stands uninteresting and unattractive. Make an original and unique organizer can own improvised. We offer several options

1. Vintage Model

To stand in vintage or retro style, you can use a wide variety of antique items that you no longer use, but you can not part with them for any reason. You can give them a second life, and at the same time make an extraordinary and extravagant accessories. To stand in this embodiment is used a food container, which was intended for war. Grind or something to improve in such a stand is not worth it. Scratches, dents and chips give a special charm accessory:

White stand for pencils

2. Flower pots

From the usual pots for houseplants very sweet and just make an unusual desktop accessories. You can make commemorative inscriptions and drawings by selecting the appropriate color. Such a wonderful souvenir will be a wonderful gift to your favorite teacher:

Black base with yellow border

3. The magnificence of nature

A great holder for pens and pencils will of a small piece of a felled tree. Suffice it in the center of the mini-stump cut circular cylindrical hole, which will be inserted stationery. Stand can be varnished or decorated with small stones. However, in its original form a stationery device will give the desk natural heat. Your workplace will look much more interesting:

Stand of the piece of wood

4. Cans

Unnecessary cans can turn into an excellent stand for brushes, pens and pencils. Bank can be painted in any color you like, decorate the yarn or twine. Original addition become a label or tag to the wishes or declarations:

Yellow and blue stand

5. Glass jars

Glass jars, suitable in size for various office supplies, easily turned into a wonderful base. To do this, you need to put on them just any paint. Original look jars, covered with acrylic paints:

Three jar-stand

6. Extraordinary Stand

Who would have thought that an ordinary kitchen grater can be stationery travel bag! Existing holes in the grater can be sanded, remove unnecessary projections extend. And then everyone will stick their place:

Turk-stand for pencils

7. discs of balsa wood

As desktop device to store pens can be used disks from balsa wood. Several round pieces glued together in the upper layers of the drilled holes for pencils. This model can serve as a memo board: thanks to the flexibility of cork to the stand is easy to pin notes:

Glued of cork discs Stand

8. Stand in high-tech style

Old, have served your floppy can be useful on your desktop. 5 floppy disks can be easily connected into one box with plastic fasteners. This organizer is suitable for office developers:

Stand of diskettes

9. The entire palette in one organizer

For artists who work with a large collection of colored pencils, fit the project. In plastic containers of liquids of any kind need to cut rectangular holes so that the container placed pencils. These cases can be fastened to each other and positioned vertically on the wall or on a table so that it was convenient to get pencils:

Transparent plastic coasters

10. Knitted Cases

Things associated with his hands, always carry a charge of warmth and positive energy. Any container can be turned into a remarkable stand by linking to it from the case rests bright yarn. These covers can make a few and change them periodically, introducing diversity on the desk:

Knitted Cases for coasters

11. Decoration of buttons

Glass jar the simplest form would be an exclusive stand for pencils, if decorate buttons. Sew them to the usual underwear elastic as you'd like, and fun souvenir ready:

Buttons on the glass jars

12. Cardboard Tube

A cylindrical base of the toilet paper roll or wound yarn can also be an excellent stand for pens. The tube is easy to decorate, plastered it with paper for creativity or any other labels, stickers:

Stands of cardboard tubes

13. Case of burlap

Extremely easy to turn an ordinary tin can into a stylish accessory that perfectly fit into the interior ekostilya or country. Take the segment small burlap and wrap them the capacity to form soft folds in the fabric. Burlap can be glued or stapled:

Case burlap

14. Pencil decor

Garnish with holder for pens and pencils can be. Enough to choose the appropriate color or texture and pasted copies of the usual tin:

Stand, pasted pencils

15. The stand of a bar

Plain tree bar or foam will help keep pens and pencils in order. Drill the required number of holes in the box and stand ready. It is possible to paint, apply a variety of patterns or glue pieces of colored paper patchwork:

Stand from the bar

16. Coca-Cola always helps

Jar of Coca-Cola - the most simple and unpretentious option stands for pencils. Choose from the entire range can be just the one that is more suited to you and your interior:

Bank of Coke