Repairs in the kitchen a small area - a problem familiar to most of our fellow citizens. In "Khrushchevki" and flats standard kitchen space layout sizes range from 5 to 7 sq.m. It is not easy to place within such a small space required number of household appliances, storage systems, and often set dining area. Well, if the kitchen is to use a couple, but if you need to organize a daily meal for a family of three or four people? Owners of small kitchen space is necessary to solve many dilemmas and sensitive issues when planning the repair or reconstruction of the multipurpose room. Donate a cupboard in favor of the dishwasher? Or make a dining area in the living room? Leave refrigerator or "relocate" it to the hallway, disguised as an ensemble of storage systems? How to make rational use of every centimeter of usable space and it does not create a feeling of a small, cluttered kitchens, which for one person to turn around is difficult, not to mention the entire stay in the family. Let's try to answer these questions with the help of practical, interesting and functional design projects kitchens, collected us in a selection of impressive size. We hope that the universal design ideas presented by experts from around the world to help you organize your kitchen a comfortable, modern and visually appealing environment.

Laconic performance of a small kitchen

Snow-white image

Principles of formation of the interior in a small room

Before you begin planning the workflow to remake your kitchen is small in size, you need to brush up on a few highlights of forming a comfortable, functional and at the same time a beautiful design:

  • bright color palette - the best option for small spaces. It's no secret that white surfaces perfectly cope with increased volumes of visual space, reflect light and create a light and clean image of the interior. But in all it is important to comply with the measure. Contents kitchen exclusively in light tone, ignoring the dark spots and color accents, achieving visual appeal result, uneasy;
  • Use glossy, glass and mirror surfaces facilitates the expansion space. Gloss may be present on kitchen fronts, finishing apron and even floor covering. Glass cabinet doors visually make the image of the kitchen units lighter and fresher. A translucent table and chairs made of plastic as if dissolved in the space, without weighing its interior. Subtle chrome legs of chairs or bar stools perfect for small spaces - look elegant and modern;
  • basis of the successful formation of a kitchen layout is the right choice of kitchen units. Not only the number and arrangement of storage systems, working surfaces and appliances will depend on the choice of the layout of the kitchen ensemble, but the whole image space;
  • "Simple" interior seem more spacious, so it is important to discard all unnecessary, to minimize the decorative and practical to bet on all the elements of the interior;
  • repairs in the kitchen - a great opportunity to review the entire kitchen utensils, appliances, and the number of necessary accessories. Conduct an audit, get rid of all the excess (often home appliances, and can not be removed from their boxes, occupying half the space of storage systems, and large dining sets are used on half of its capacity);
  • if you have the opportunity to make a network of dining area from the kitchen - do it, leaving more space for cooking and storage of food;
  • get rid of the interior door separating the kitchen from the rest of the room (your hood anyway cope with the smells of cooking and fat droplets in the air that may arise in the process of cooking) and follow the finish in both segments in one color, and perhaps even using the same materials. Then it will create a sense of continuation of one space instead of split apartments on the mini-rooms;
  • use of technological advances for the benefit of his small kitchen - the right choice of household appliances (in size and functionality), distributed storage systems (the use of corners and hard to reach places) will not only save precious meters, but also reduce the time spent on the implementation of certain workers processes;
  • providing a small space sufficient light levels - visual pledge to increase its volume. If the value of the window openings often we can not influence, the kitchen equipped with the power of artificial light sources to us. Central chandeliers even in a small kitchen is not enough. It's important to highlight the work surface. Several built-in lighting fixtures or the bottom of the upper tier cabinets - to achieve the goal, there are many options.

In a small kitchen room

Interior close cuisine

Disposition of the letter P

Efficient use of space

white surface

Choose the layout of the furniture ensemble

Selection of kitchen furniture layout will depend on the shape of the room, the number and location of door and window openings, the number of appliances that you need to equip the kitchen. Also on the choice plan will affect the possibility of the removal of the dining area in another room or need for zone locations for meals within a small kitchen. As part of a standard apartment kitchen area most often presented separate location. But in private homes or apartments where redevelopment was carried out, the kitchen can be, and the passage room. Of course, the location of the kitchen facilities relative to other rooms also have an impact on the layout of the furniture and appliances ensemble.

The kitchen area under the stairs

In traditional style

contrast design

If your kitchen is a small room or pass-through has a balcony, it would be the most expedient location kitchen units in a parallel fashion in two rows. Of course, this option is only suitable for areas where there is no need to have the dining area. When a parallel layout, even in a small kitchen is possible to accommodate a large number of storage systems, while embedding all the necessary appliances.

parallel planning

The arrangement of two rows

One option is to use a parallel lay occupancy full ensemble of the upper and lower tier cupboards on one side and an island or peninsula on the other hand similar dimensions. Such a compact ensemble can be placed in the corner of the room, combining the living area and dining room, or performing kitchen and dining area features a small space.

Compact kitchen segment

Black and white interior

Small kitchen in the two series

Unusual solution for the kitchen

U-shaped layout allows you to set a large number of cabinets and appliances, even in a small kitchen. "Triangle rule" &# 8212; location of the refrigerator, cookers (hob) and washing in the imaginary vertices of the figure, perform a simple arrangement such furniture ensemble. But while there is little room to maneuver. With this arrangement of kitchen units dining area is necessary to bring in another room.

U-shaped layout

The layout of the headset with the letter P

White and black kitchen design

Small kitchen in the attic

U-shaped arrangement of the ensemble

The angular or T-shaped layout - universal version location storage systems, household appliances and work surfaces in the kitchen space of any size. Location of the triangle corresponds to the rules of ergonomics, the hostess (the owner) can be conveniently moved between the main elements of the kitchen base. In this set gets enough roomy, practical.

In the style of Shabby Chic

corner layout

In a very small kitchen

corner suite

Renewals countertopsVery often, the angular arrangement of furniture set complement peninsula - module directly attached to the main part of the ensemble. This arrangement makes it possible not only to increase the number of storage systems or integrate into the peninsula oven, for example, but also to organize a breakfast (for couples countertop unit can become a permanent eating place).

Set to the peninsula

Corner layout with peninsula

Kitchen-dining room

A practical approach to the regulated

For small kitchen spaces are often single-row layout ensemble furniture with built-in appliances it is the only possible one. This is especially true premises, which in addition to the work area should be located and dining sector. Single-row layout is compact, but with an abundance of built-in equipment, storage systems, there is little accommodation possibilities. Therefore, in modern designs can be seen increasingly placement of kitchen units from the ceiling to the floor. On the upper shelves can accommodate cooking utensils, which the owners do not use frequently, and then the question of access to cabinets located near the ceiling, there will be dire.

Design number one

Single row compact ensemble

Single-row arrangement

Single Row concise set

If necessary, placing a dining area within the kitchen of a modest size, designers offer several solutions to the problem of rational use of storage space. Save space will help a compact tables round and oval shapes - they take up less space, but can accommodate more people. But in many kitchens do not have enough space even for a small table. Solution could be the extension of countertop kitchen units on the basis of the bar. For couples this place for meals will be sufficient. Folding mechanism and compact console, which are attached to the wall (often based only on the same rack) is also able to be an excellent solution for the organization places for meals in the small kitchen.

Kitchen with dining area

Folding dining table

Kitchen with a round table

The original dining groups

Portable compact island - a great help in the organization of working webs and places for meals in the small kitchen. You can move your workstation on wheels, depending on the running processes, and in the case of uselessness - just move up the wall. Worktop island can be used as a working surface and as a dining table.

The island on wheels

Convenient kitchen island

Color palette - creating an image of kitchen space

The appearance of the kitchen facilities forms the trim surfaces and facades furniture ensemble. It is obvious that these two essential components should be in harmony with each other. But this does not mean that all the elements should be performed only in bright colors. Bright shades extend the space, creating a light, relaxing atmosphere. But their bust can create an image of a sterile room, which does not fit with the idea many of us of a comfortable and welcoming heart of the home - the kitchen area. Among modern design projects are many examples of the successful combination of dark and light colors in small spaces. Using predominantly light colors, accented by dark elements can be difficult to achieve a contrast image of the room, but a unique, original design.

Country style

The original choice of color

Unusual colors

The snow-white finish


It is difficult to imagine a small kitchen with a dark color of wall decoration. Such a design using the method "squeeze" the already small amount of kitchen space. But this does not mean that in a small kitchen walls should be exclusively white - a lot of pastel shades are great for creating the perfect backdrop for furniture and household appliances. Obviously, in a small room is to abandon finish with any print. Just plain options and desirable in light design. Brightness, colorful ornament or a picture can be left for finishing the kitchen apron. Let it be the only one, but the accent element of the kitchen interior.

In a modern style

Emphasis on kitchen apron

Bright design apron

In combination with the dark countertops

Bring the brightness of tone in the bright kitchen a snap. For anyone who is worried that the room with light walls and whitewashed facades may be associated with surgery, there is a simple way - to vivid details. This can be crockery on open shelves, made in the same bright color, appliances, retro-style, which often have a very colorful color.

bright details

Nice color palette

The combination of dark flooring and light walls allows you to visually increase the height of the room. Against the background of pastel colored finishes on vertical surfaces to choose a darker palette for floors is not difficult - imitation wood coating using granite or tile, creating the illusion of masonry, will not only be a beautiful addition to finishing the interior, but also practical and durable floor covering.

The interior is very small kitchen

Kitchen apron on the wall

Dark bottom - light top

The original solution

kitchen facades

Appearance of kitchen fronts in many respects forms an image of the entire premises. From the color palette, features performance and arrangement of furniture façade ensemble depends not only on the design of the kitchen, but also formed the atmosphere, the level of comfort and the convenience of being in the room and of work processes. For a small kitchen principle of "less is more" applies to the choice of furniture. Laconic facades in the smooth execution, lack of decor, at least the visible hardware - designers choice for smaller kitchen spaces.

Modern snow-white set

Smooth facades in a small kitchen

Absolutely smooth light facades - a frequent element of design projects of kitchen space, modern décor. This approach to the development of a suite of furniture allows you to create an interior in which there will be a small room oppressive atmosphere, and a light and fresh image will be created. In combination with modern appliances is strict facades without handles and decor look more impressive, modern, organically.

A white gloss kitchen

The snow-white kitchen

Glossy white facades

The use of glass inserts in the upper tier of the kitchen unit allows multiple refresh the image of the room, to make it easier. For a small space in which the ensemble furniture and appliances are located continuous "stream" such interior elements can be a highlight, nuance design.

Façades with glass inserts

Original performance facades

glass doors

Gray is incredibly popular in modern design projects. Kitchen design is no exception - a neutral color palette allows you to create ensembles that fit perfectly into any interior, create an unpretentious atmosphere in which everyone comfortably. Different shades of gray are easily combined with a light finish of the walls of a small room and harmonious look with glitter household appliances and accessories. And to create color accents on a background of gray facades bright enough to use utensils or install a pair of colorful chairs.

Gray kitchen facades

Gray kitchen with bright accents

Dark gray facades

Kitchen facades of light-colored wood (or its spectacular imitation) - a great opportunity to make the natural heat in the interior of a small kitchen. Light charcoal drawing room without weighing the image, but it will bring the necessary comfort, which is so like to see most of the housewives in the space where they spend a lot of time. The tree is perfectly combined with dark spots of home appliances, light finish of the walls. Select color countertops for such facades is also easy. You can "play" on the contrast of the dark and use table-top - let this be the only focus of the interior. Bright countertops will be an organic look, giving the image of kitchen space more freshness and lightness.

Charcoal drawing and whites

wooden fronts

Facades of light wood

Colorful wooden facades

Snow-wood combinations

Metallic facades (stainless steel, as a rule) - the choice for the modern style or high-tech. Even without a large kitchen can be arranged quite organically in this style. Stainless steel facades are practical and durable. But it is important to understand that, and they require considerable care - reflecting surfaces to increase the marks of fingers and even clean water drops. Execution of metal facades will look organically if used only for the lower tier of cabinets, and the upper layer replace open shelves. Thus the kitchen will look better, more interesting.

Stainless steel facades

Facades dark experts do not recommend to use in the kitchens of small size. If your color preferences are very dark palette and kitchen space is, at least, medium scale, then use a darker tone of the facades is possible only in combination with white ceiling, light-colored walls and flooring. Even countertops in this case it is made of a light stone, or its analogs.

Facades of dark wood


The original dark furniture with island

Open plan kitchen with living room and dining room - especially the interior

If your kitchen area - is part of the room that combines the functions of a living and dining room, it is necessary to register it in accordance with the basic motive of the picture multifunctional space. It is obvious that the idea of ​​combining multiple segments of life in a single room was caused by space saving. Creating a user-friendly and at the same time sufficiently large room is possible by using an open-plan. Typically, in such cases, the kitchen area represented single-row (sometimes angle) set. If the room has a sufficient area, the kitchen can be supplemented island small size. But most of all compact kitchen flows smoothly into the dining room area, represented by a group dining.

open plan

Kitchen-dining-living room

Kitchen and living room in the loft

The solution for the living room with kitchenette

The room is open plan is supposed to use some finishing materials for all functional segments. An exception becomes a clearance apron kitchen, to protect the surface finish is required to withstand high temperatures and the constant exposure to moisture. In this room there is zoning in the conventional level - with the help of lighting, furniture, and sometimes - the carpet.

The kitchen area in the common room

The white interiors

Dark kitchen