If you plan to repair the room in a country house or city apartment and is now at the stage of choosing a finishing material for walls, this publication can be very useful to you. Some two decades ago, our compatriots were not so many options for surface design of residential premises homes or utilitarian. Today, the range of shops, offering interior materials is so great that the decision about the choice of one of the types of materials, it becomes a difficult dilemma. In this publication we would like to touch on the choice of wall panels for decoration for various purposes.

Wall panels

At present, this finishing material has become quite popular not only for office owners, who want to make a cosmetic or a full-scale renovation of premises, but also to homeowners who need to furnish rooms with a variety of assignments. Wall panels are available in a wide range of colors and textures, they are easy to install, affordable, made from both natural and synthetic raw materials, and most importantly - can be mounted on any surface and to hide their shortcomings.

vertical stripes

Classification of panels for walls

Wall panels differ in size, shape, and manufacturing method of installation. Depending on what kind of panels you would prefer to finish their premises, will develop the final appearance of the interior appearance.

Making dining

The shape of all the wall panels can be divided into three groups:

  • Pinion;
  • tile;
  • sheet.

The space near the stairs

Rack inlaid panel

As already the name suggests, this type of panel is a long strap (the length generally ranges from 2.4 m to 3.7 m), a width not exceeding 30 cm and a thickness of 9-12 mm. Due to such dimensions, the rack bar is most often used for lining walls in small rooms or rooms with complicated geometry (a large number of angles).

rack panels

For mounting rack panels typesetting necessary to create crates of metal or wood. Panels with battens are connected by brackets (special staple gun will help you) or with screws. Such an installation is easy to make yourself. Rack panels are made of MDF, particle board, MDF and PVC. Typically, the panels attached special accessories that will help complete the image of the room facing.

To finish the kitchen

Decorating kitchen facilities

Rack panels light colors will help visually expand a small space such as a bathroom, hallway and kitchen area. Location slatted wall panels vertically will visually increase the height of the rooms.


bright interior

Tile panels for walls

This type of panels is produced in the form of a square whose sides are of length from 30 cm to 100 cm. This wall tiles secured, usually on the adhesive or using clamps. One of the distinguishing features of the tile panels is that the connection between the components is carried out only through the grooves and the inserts in them. By combining different layout panels on the plane, you can achieve interesting options for finishing, not only with colors.

Accent wall


Using tiled panels with different wood patterns, placing them at different angles and in two or three levels, it is possible to create an original and unique design accent walls. If we add to this variant cladding built-in lighting, it is possible to enhance the effect produced.


tile panels

Sheet pane for vertical planes

It is obvious that among the three versions of the forms of panels, the largest in size. Most often, sheet panels are made from MDF or PVC. The working surface of the panel sheet - a multi-layer structure with a printed pattern or texture, imitating wood, stone or other options facing material and combinations thereof. Typically, the sheet panels are mounted by means of glue and seams between the products filled moldings. The main feature of sheet panels is the possibility of covering large surfaces.

sheet panels

Choosing the material for the wall panels

In the production of panels, which are used for cladding surfaces, used the most different raw materials from natural wood to plastic. Most often there is a combination of several kinds of materials. But the market can find and options, made only of wood, for example, or only of glass. It is obvious that the cost of such products is higher than normal.

For the ultimate luxury

Not only the general atmosphere in your home depends on what materials were used for the production of finishing materials, but also the well-being of households and even their health.

The wall at the head of the bed

Accent surface

Panels made of wood - the natural insulation and beauty

All homeowners who strive to create a healthy and warm atmosphere in the rooms of their homes, it is necessary to consider the option of purchase of panels of wood. Most of these panels are made of oak, linden, maple, pine and bamboo. The room in which the applied finishing wood paneling, looks not only attractive and respectable, it is full of natural warmth and hospitality.

The combination of wood pattern

Typically, the wood panels are the rack or tiled. An exception is the panel mosaic, the base of which consists of chipboard, coated pieces of wood of different species.

In the living room

Wood products are known to have limitations in scope - a humid room for them can be fatal. The tree is very well absorbs moisture and begins to crack upon drying, becomes more porous form and can eventually completely crack from dryness. This problem is easily solved with the help of special coatings, varnishes. But in this case it will suffer ecological cladding material. The disadvantages of a natural material as the base wall panels can be called a fairly high cost.

Wood panel

Wall panels made of chipboard

Of course, the panels of chipboard are inferior wood products, but more than compensate for their own shortcomings affordable price and ease of manufacturing - the production of waste wood have found application in the manufacture of this type of finishing material.

The space at the fireplace

Uncoated chipboard panel does not look very respectable. With plastic coating can achieve a variety of options of color and texture solutions.

Making corridor

From the viewpoint of ecology, panels of chipboard very harmful to humans and the environment material. In the process of manufacturing products used harmful adhesives.

dark accent

Wall panels made of particleboard produced only in the plates, because of the large weight of the product, they have limitations in the methods of installation. Such material option for the wall panels is very poorly tolerate high humidity, however, they are used most frequently for finishing hallways, corridors and other utilitarian premises without abrupt changes in temperature and humidity.

total facing

Panels for walls made of MDF

As is known, Fiberboard - is a material which is obtained by compressing wood fibers under heat. It is safe to say that MDF - a material that combines the natural warmth and dynamism of modern technology. Due to technological features of production of chipboard panels may be provided in a wide range of color and texture solutions. In combination with the low cost, it makes the wall panels of fiberboard leaders of the domestic market of coating materials in its segment.

bright bedroom

Fiberboard panels can be mounted on the crate, and directly onto the wall. But the surface will need to be prepared - it is better to get rid of the big plane drops, clean and dry surface. Between a locking panel connected either way, either through the slots.

bright living room

Pinion or tile panels of chipboard can be easily mounted and replaced if necessary. The disadvantages of this type of material For the manufacture of wall panels may include low moisture resistance. Bathroom products like better not to apply.

unusual pattern

Work surfaces panels of fiberboard, apart from the usual we lamination can be trimmed with cloth, leather, veneer, wooden mosaics or stained. The choice of colors and textures is truly limitless.

The original design

MDF panels for walls

Compared with fiberboard, MDF panels have a much lower density and less weight. MDF boasts very good sound and heat insulating properties. MDF material is flexible enough, besides insulating properties, in the manufacturing process it is possible to impart other qualities - moisture resistance, fire resistance, resistance to biological effects.

Living room with fireplace

Unfortunately, increased flexibility of the material and processing characteristics push MDF value at a higher level than fiberboard, for example. But during the operation, the high cost of paying off trouble-free "work" finish.

Decorating bedrooms

PVC for the production of wall panels

PVC material as the basis for the production of panels for a long time to win the market building and finishing materials. The point is obvious advantages - high technological quality (moisture resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and durability), ease of installation and a wide variety of color and texture solutions.

PVC wall

PVC panels are available in all three versions of modifications. Panel with a core of MDF or chipboard covered with PVC film can create a decent imitation of stone or wood, masonry or ceramic lining.

bright interior

The only, but very serious drawback of PVC panels is their artificial origin and all the ensuing consequences for man and the environment.

modern finishes

Gipsovinilovye wall panels for interior decoration

On such material as drywall know absolutely everything, his popularity in the construction market is difficult to overestimate. It is used to build walls, partitions, ceilings and linings. Modern technology brought to the market of building materials a new product - gipsovinilovye wall panels. The basis of this material is the same plasterboard, but coated with a vinyl layer. Consolidate as a decoration of public premises with heavy traffic, gipsovinil began its march and living quarters. In contrast to drywall, this material is stronger and more durable, it has already finished surface coated with a pattern or solid color staining.

Interior living room

By combining different colors and even materials wall panels can achieve original and unique results. For example, combining gipsovinilovye panel with specular surfaces, we can obtain quite extraordinary interior of the living room or bedroom, these rooms in such combinations will be most appropriate.

In combination with mirrors

unusual living room

Use of moldings of varying thickness and modifications inserts into the space between the panels of textile elements, made of leather or wallpapered embossed can personalize any interior design. In the living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms, even such compositions will look luxurious.

The combination with textiles

Using silver-plated or gold-plated moldings for the design of the space between the panels, you can create a beautiful interior in a classical style and stylistics of Baroque and Rococo.

Moldings with gilding

Interesting and practical way to use wall panels is the design of a skirt around the perimeter of the room. Such techniques are relevant for children's rooms (where the lower part of the walls is subject to the greatest impact and will require more frequent cleaning), large kitchen, combined with dining room, hallways and corridors. The upper part of the walls may be colored or decorated using wallpaper as the striped embodiment, and using the print.

Dining room with an apron


Embossed 3D wall panels

This type of panels appeared on the Russian market not so long ago, but has already managed to win the attention and love of many designers and homeowners. Wall panels are of three-layer structure, the foundation is usually made of MDF, hardboard, plasterboard. Working relief surface is usually made of plaster (sometimes wood or metal reinforcement, but the cost of such products will be significantly higher) and coated PVC film. On sale you can find relief panels, covered with leather (artificial or natural), cloth, wood veneer or just one color enamel.

relief panel

The relief of the fireplace

Modern technology allows the spectrum relief panels continuously extend, and increasing their scope. 3D panels are used not only for decoration personal and utilitarian rooms in total as wall decoration or partial integration, but also for the allocation of separate facilities segments, cladding and highlight objects of decoration, furniture and design features, the architecture of buildings.

Embossed sheet panels

Typically, the relief panels produced in the form of sheet modifications. Less common tile options, but larger (sometimes to create bas-reliefs, but these models are not cheap, and it is often necessary to issue a purchase order, in stock are rare).

Relief for bathroom

bright accent

Soft panel for creative interior

The original design, excellent sound insulation, ease of care and safety - these are the advantages of using the weight of the textile or leather to create a panel wall design (all or accent).

soft panel

Artificial skin is not as expensive as a natural material, but the visual effect creates an equally impressive. Caring for her is incredibly easy, just cleansing wipe with a damp sponge and dry surfaces. Such planes are not afraid of moisture, sunlight and temperature changes. Still hard to imagine the use of such panels in the utilitarian premises. The most appropriate and harmoniously, they look in the living rooms, bedrooms, offices and children's rooms (which among other things can execute and secure cover feature)

Soft leather on the walls

Covered with leather panels, not even in soft option look luxurious. For registration of your living room or office, as well as the wall near the head of the bed in the bedroom such an option would be a great opportunity to raise the status of the interior.

The skin for decoration cabinet

A few simple tips for proper selection of wall panels:

  • when purchasing the panels look for the markings on all labels specified indicators combustibility, flammability, smoke generation and toxicity (if the purchase is completely artificial product, pay close attention to these figures, for all there are four levels, the higher the number on the label, so much the worse);
  • consider the characteristics of the premises, which will be acquired for the panel - temperature changes, humidity and fire hazard will be the primary parameters;
  • carefully consider each package with wall panels for defects presence, if you find them at home - to prove the fault of the manufacturer or company-transporter would be extremely difficult;
  • pay attention to the color of the selected goods, panels of different batches may differ by one or two;
  • check the integrity of locking connections;
  • long rack panels can visually expand the space and fit tile or sheet products for large rooms.

In shades of gray