For connoisseurs of fine interiors white floor - this is an opportunity to turn their homes into a dream come to life.

A white bedroom with panoramic window

Snow-white living room with bright furniture

Flooring in white - is another achievement of the industry of construction materials. The use of such methods of interior decoration make it easy to achieve the desired elegance, to create a light and airy environment and highlight the pure design.

White floor and bright walls

The snow-white kitchen with furniture wood floor white shades

All ideas of interior design man takes from nature, as the ideal combination can only be found in it. White floors - is a tribute to the snow-covered fields, harsh winter.

White bedroom with four-poster bed

White bathroom floor

In winter, most clearly noticeable contrast between the different colors. The contrast of dark and white advantageous looks and interior space. White background flooring perfectly coexists with dark baseboards, window and door frames, sockets, switches and other things.

White floor with a large room

Cream shades in the interior

Among the materials for flooring, you can choose:

  • linoleum;
  • laminate;
  • tree;
  • stone (natural or artificial);
  • tile;
  • Self-leveling floors;
  • bung.

The snow-white bathroom

Wood furniture on a white background

Glossy or matte self-leveling floor is suitable for any room. He is of bipartite epoxy material, which you can add other ingredients as desired. Various versions of the composition will make the floor pearl, silver-plated, grainy.

White floor in the living room

combination of white and lemon interior

Porcelain tiles will look great in white on the floor in the living room. Such a coating is very practical and easy to clean. With the right combination of furniture and floor walls will look expensive and elegant.

The bright spots in the interior on a white background

White furniture on a white floor

Porcelain tiles for flooring can be semi-polished and structured. The second option simulates a variety of materials, ranging from wood and leather finishing. This feature gives the designer a wide scope for the imagination.

White laminate flooring in the living room

White kitchen floor

Benefits of granite make it a popular material for floor coverings:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • fire resistance;
  • inability to burnout;
  • resistance to chemical attack.

The snow-white interior dining room

snow white easting

Budget option white floors can become widespread in our time laminate. In this high-quality material effectively mimics the natural wood. You can create a drawing, in exactly the same floorboard.

White sex in the bathroom

The combination of white surfaces in the kitchen

The most inexpensive way to get a white floors will be the use of linoleum. Its easy to lay your hands and save on workers. To this coating did not look cheap, it can be combined with the dark elements.

White floor and blue walls in the bathroom

The snow-white floor bathroom

Floor made of cork is rarely used. In this case, the designers are convinced that rare materials are able to present the most original interior room. Cork flooring also attracts buyers the ability to retain heat, antistatic, moisture resistance and other advantages.

ely floor and dark furniture in the living room

White bathroom surfaces

To flooring of natural wood has got a white color material, which is coated, is treated with a special composition. After that the fibers modify the initial hue and clarified by several tones.

Dark carpet on a white floor

Kitchen with white tiles on the floor

After such processing requires a final coating material. Typically, a special lacquer or oil timber. The result is perfect flooring light shade.

White laminate for living

White laminate bedroom

The most popular wood species for the establishment of such a floor are:

  • oak;
  • ash;
  • European maple and others.

Bright floor in the room

White floor for the kitchen

This coating does not look like a lacquer coated wood. Decorative effect is stunning: matte glaze with ashen hue. In the modern interior of this material performs many decorative tasks. The room gets sophistication, elegance and accentuated design accuracy.

White and black floor bathroom

The snow-white floor in an apartment house

The practical significance of the white wooden floor is hard to overestimate. Selected wood boards have good strength and durability. Dust on a surface simply do not see. This is very valuable when you can not be cleaned regularly in the room.

The expansion of space with a white floor

White kitchen floor on a zoned

Qualitatively prepared material is not subject to abrasion over the years. Therefore, the choice of the floor covering can be considered a good investment.

White floor in the dining room

Beautiful flooring in the bathroom

As a mater with such properties can be chosen:

  • board of bleached wood;
  • solid wood;
  • floorboard.

Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of possible varieties of this material.

The snow-white floor in the nursery

White tiles in the bathroom, white glossy floor for the original premises

Among the current trends in floor-laying can note the use of glossy flooring. Fashion designers are increasingly using this method to create original interiors.

Contrast on the bathroom floor

The combination of contrasting tiles on the floor

When choosing a white glossy floor need to be careful, because not all of the available styles and their combinations can withstand such a combination. Classic environment may not be combined with the play of light on a white surface.

Snow-white bathroom design

White surfaces in the living room

The best ally for these floors are modern styles:

  • Art Nouveau;
  • high tech;
  • fusion.

The snow-white interior bathroom

The contrast of dark and light in the bathroom

When choosing furniture worth to stop their attention on the polished wooden surfaces, chrome accents and metal products. These pieces of furniture enable rays of light sparkle and reflect off the floor.

Elegant living room with white floor

Small white tiles on the bathroom floor

Besides a bright luster is able to give the room a festive mood, even with a modest decoration. For all criteria such flooring is designed to create a chic atmosphere.

Bathroom in white

Gray walls and white floor bath

If you're buying quality material has been selected, so the floor is resistant to scratches, stains, and various changes after mechanical impact. Such a coating will withstand walking on heels, momentary contact with a cigarette or suppositories falling or dropping a heavy object.

White floor bedrooms

The combination of white floor and wood coatings

All this is possible to achieve due to the melamine resin, which is impregnated with a finishing layer of the floor. The absence of surface cracks and scratches will protect her from the gradual appearance of a grid of stubborn dirt.

Bright floor bedroom

White floor a large kitchen

Also in the upper layer conscientious corundum manufacturers usually added in powder form. This crystalline alumina increases the strength of the coating by several times, since the alumina is by the criterion strength second only to diamond.

The snow-white bathroom with a window

A white bedroom with chest of drawers

As the antibacterial agent composition for processing silver ions added material that provides a high degree of environmental sexes.

White flooring in the kitchen

Zoning in the kitchen with white floor

Features white floors in the interior

The main advantage of white sex becomes a visual extension of the space. Especially brightly this property can demonstrate a combination with white walls. White plinth in this case is very important.

Contrast cuisine decoration

Bright furniture on white kitchen floor

The desire to give the room lightness and elegance easily realized using the white floor. Complement the interior can be different combinations of related colors and shades to achieve maximum harmony.

The snow-white tiles on the bathroom floor

Regardless of the mother with the help of various items of décor and suitable furniture can create a magical snow-white fairy tale or an elegant and stylish atmosphere in the rooms of the house. Any of these options can emphasize the taste of the designer and the owner of premises.