Choose the color scheme of the interior, which would satisfy all the tenants of the house, it is very difficult. Therefore, when choosing a color palette of the walls, it is desirable to select a neutral light colors that do not cause strong emotions.

It is best to give preference to white color and its shades, it will be a win-win for the interior walls. For white color characterized by the following:

  1. it is neutral and is combined with any other colors and shades;
  2. visually expands the space;
  3. It reflects sunlight;
  4. beneficial to emphasize the brightness of the other colors.

The white walls give the interior a feeling of spaciousness, cleanliness and extra light.

White sofa white bathroom

Bedroom with white walls

Most often, the white color for the walls are selected in the design of bedrooms: it is associated with purity, freshness and spaciousness. However the abundance of whites in the bedroom make it cold and uncomfortable. only 2-3 large white decor element can be used in this case. For example, walls and furniture - white and the floor or the bed headboard is better to perform in a dark color:

White walls in the interior gray headboard

If the interior of a bedroom as a basis to take a white color, it is simply "eat" space and will oppress the room occupants. To room did not look like "white silence", you can use colorful and imaginative accessories and other ornaments:

The picture at the head

contrasting decor

Combination of contrasting colors in the interior "enliven" the room. However, excessive use of opposite colors decor elements create a sense of closeness and isolation space:

Black and white interior

Very expressive will look repetitive parts in a contrasting color on a white background. It can be picture frames and windows:

Laminate floor

Matte white walls accentuate the elegance of the glossy black furniture or floor covering dark colors:

black sofa double panels

When using two-color interior contrasting colors alternate the important elements of decoration. This will create a rhythm in the interior and bring together disparate objects in a harmonious ensemble and give the room a festive look. Furniture and decor chocolate shades look great in the living room, surrounded by white walls.

Fireplace round pouf

White walls and bright colors of the interior

The neutrality of white favorably accentuate pieces of furniture and many decorative items made in rich, rich colors. For example, on a white background bright accent colors can become objects ultramarine:

blue sofa White walls in the interior

It goes well with gray furniture white walls. Just add a few colorful eye-catching accessories, and the room sparkle with colors:

gray sofa Wooden chest of drawers Kitchen Veranda

For interior nursery or teen room neutral colors are indispensable. The walls are white - it is space for children's imagination and creativity. This baby can be filled with toys and accessories in any color:

bookshelves White walls in the interior

White walls in the dining room

The best option decorating the walls in the dining room will be white and cream shades. With them in harmony furniture natural wood shades. It is the perfect solution for a country house interior.

Round table White walls in the interior long table

For registration of the dining room in a classical style traditionally used wall covering neutral light tones. If the room is not enough natural light, the white walls give the dining room a feeling of brightness and light.


No less original will appear in the dining room on the white background of the furniture and accessories in the style of hi-tech.

The kitchen is high-tech

White has significant advantages over other colors. Interior with white walls, you can vary the bright parts and accessories that can be easily changed to other (curtains, bedspreads, cushions). It will not allow the situation to make a boring and monotonous.